Food Market and Trade Forum 2022
9 November 2022

The Food Market and Trade Forum is an annual opportunity to meet and discuss in one place representatives of the largest companies in the food sector and HoReCa: producers, processors, distributors and traders, as well as people from the government and industry organizations having a real impact on changes in the food and retail sector.

Each year the meetings bring participants and listeners constructive conclusions, diagnoses concerning the shape and development prospects of one of the largest branches of the economy in our country – the food, trade and HoReCa industries.

Think Agile – this is the main slogan of this year’s 15th edition of the Food Market and Trade Forum. It contains hundreds of flexible and agile actions that Polish companies take every day in order to respond responsibly, effectively and appropriately to the market needs in a changing reality.

We are pleased to announce that ATUT is a partner of this event for the third time.