Current trends in the furnishing of retail premises force manufacturers to use a wide range of production materials, which are based on refined metal and usually powder-coated or covered with acid-resistant steel, as well as the entire cross-section of wood and wood-based materials, and glass and plexiglass. Sheet metal, which is delivered to the production halls in the form of large sheets, is cut to the appropriate size and shape using traditional cutting on guillotines or turret punches, or in a more modern and definitely more mobile way, i.e. by means of laser cutting. Elements prepared in this way are subject to plasticity processing on presses, numerically controlled edge presses or the bending centre. Metal elements cut to the appropriate size and shape are sent to be welded if they require it. A very important issue is the possibility to process pipes and profiles. For this purpose, we use a punching line for perforating profiles and a 3D laser. The surface finish on metal elements is applied using the powder-coating method which protects the metal surface and additionally provides the intended aesthetic effect.

The processing of the whole range of wood-based materials and solid wood, usually beech wood, takes place in our woodworking shop, where the production process starts with the cutting of panels on panel saws and their subsequent shaping by means of several processing centres. Thanks to this method, the elements can be replicated and their shape is established by the constructor at the time of design. Elements made of solid wood and MDF boards in the form of slats are profiled on four-sided planers and can be later refined by varnishing or coating with natural veneers or foils. A very important technological solution that we use is the refinement of board elements with a layer of HPL laminate by post-forming. Such laminates significantly extend the life of the elements due to their very high abrasion resistance, and their broad variety allows us to achieve the intended visual effect.


In order to complete the whole process of production of shop equipment, we use glass elements in the form of tempered glass sheets. We attach great importance to making the display part of each piece of store furniture aesthetic and safe at the same time. In all our products, the edges of the glass are ground and shaped with the use of edge machines for glass processing. The above-mentioned technological possibilities in such inherently diverse branches distinguish us from other manufacturers, who usually focus on metal or wood-like elements. The combination of these two derivatives gives us a definite advantage, especially in times when furniture in a store is not only a shelf on which the product stands but is also supposed to be an aesthetic space for its display, as well as a space that encourages shoppers to make a purchase, making their stay in a store a pleasant experience.